IMG_1142At last the days are getting warmer and the evenings lighter and it won’t be too long before the summer fairs…

This March saw the second Crowborough Business Expo at the Community Centre.  I was delighted to have a stand there and would like to take the opportunity to thank those people who came over to say hello and to hear more about my business.

But  back  to  the  world  of  The Barrister Broker and  how I will significantly reduce your legal costs…

For the benefit of new readers, I am not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice.  I am a freelance barristers’ clerk and facilitator making life easier for people who need legal services by arranging for them to have direct access to barristers – the specialist lawyers – rather than going to solicitors.

The fundamental benefits in using the direct services of barristers are:

i) specialist legal knowledge – get the right advice from the outset;

ii) fixed fees – agreed in advance so no nasty surprise bills later on; and

iii) pay less – barristers cost less than solicitors – and in my experience typically 50% less overall and sometimes more.

I have a special interest in helping people involved in family law matters (divorce and child custody and contact) for two reasons really; firstly because I have been through the divorce process myself and therefore understand the issues and difficulties that people face, and secondly because legal fees can be incredibly expensive and it simply doesn’t need to be that way.

As clients of mine will know, I make a difference in terms of the quality of legal advice and court representation from the barristers that I arrange, the costs charged for that advice and representation and the flexibility and support that my service provides.  Clients also find it refreshing to know in advance what the cost of a particular piece of work will be before deciding whether to go ahead or not courtesy of ‘fixed fee’ arrangements.  I strongly believe in getting things done properly as quickly and cost-effectively as possible which is exactly what I help people do.

If you feel that the intervention of the courts is the only way to obtain a fair resolution, whether over the finances or concerning the children, bear in mind legislation that came into effect in April 2014 which requires anyone seeking to start family court proceedings about finances on divorce or children matters (note that some exemptions do apply) must first attend a family Mediation, Information and Assessment Meeting otherwise known as a MIAM.  This means that you must go through a process before being able to issue a court application, although the process itself should be relatively straightforward and inexpensive.  You will find more information about this on my website

So, if you or anyone  you know is going through  a divorce  or  non-married   relationship  break-up and are in dispute over family assets;  (house, car,  money,  etc.), or arrangements over the children and feel you need  legal advice in order to move matters forward, or court representation in an ongoing matter, give me a call on 01732 866 562.  I am local and most definitely here to help.

Take a look at my website and follow me on twitter @BarristerBroker

Russ B-L Sig

Featured in: Issue 67 – May/June 2016